BTS-W2 information
Ticket:   BTS-W2
Security Type:   Call warrants
Trading Date:   25-Nov-10
Underlying:   BTS Common Share
Offering Price:   Free warrants
Exercise Price:   4.375 Baht
Exercise Ratio
  1 Unit : 0.16 Share
No. of Unit of Warrants:   5,027,000,448 Units
No. of Reserved
Shares for Exercise:
Total Exercised Shares:   -
Duration:   3 years
Exercise term:   The first exercise date will be 28 December 2012. The remaining exercise dates will be the last working day of March 2013, June 2013, September 2013 and the last exercise date is 11 November 2013.
Expiration Date:   11-Nov-13
SIN Number:  
Local:   TH022105NB06
Foreign:   -
Securities Registrar:   Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd.
62 The Stock Exchange of Thailand Building,
Rachadapisek Road, Klongtoey,
Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: (66 2) 229 2800
Fax: (66 2) 359 1259
  TSD CALL CENTER : (66 2) 229 2888
Notify the Schedule for the Exercise of Rights under the Warrants (BTS-W2) (Last Exercise)
Form for the Notification to Exercise the Warrants (BTS-W2)
Terms and Conditions of Warrants (BTS-W2): Thai version only
Terms and Conditions of Warrants (BTS-W2) (Amendment No.1): Thai version only