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Dividend Information

Dividend Payment Policy of the Company

The Company has a policy of paying dividend at the rate of no less than 50% of the net income after tax in accordance with the Company's financial statements (on a standalone basis). The Company shall pay dividend in the following fiscal year taking into consideration the cashflow from the operation of the business. The annual dividend payment announcement must be approved at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. As for the interim dividend payment, the Company's Board of Directors may deem it appropriate to pay interim dividend if the Company has sufficient profits and working capital for business operation after the interim dividend payment. The Board of Directors has the responsibility to inform the shareholders of such payment in the subsequent shareholders' meeting.

The Board of Directors shall take the following factors into account when considering dividend payment to the shareholders, namely, the Company's performance, liquidity, current cashflow and financial status, regulations and conditions regarding dividend payment as set forth in the loan agreements, bonds, any contracts imposing the Company's liabilities, including agreements or contracts that the Company is obliged to comply with; future business plan and capital investment requirement; and other factors as the Board of Directors deems appropriate.

Moreover, the Company must comply with the Public Company Limited Act B.E. 2535 (1992) (as amended), which states that the Company cannot pay dividend if the Company still has retained loss though the Company has net income in that particular year. Additionally, the Public Company Limited Act B.E. 2535 (1992) (as amended) states that the Company is required to reserve an amount equal to 5% of the annual net income after deduction of the retained loss (if any) as legal reserve fund until such legal reserve fund is equal to not less than 10% of the registered capital. In addition to the legal reserve fund, the Board of Directors may consider making other types of reserve fund as it deems appropriate.

Subject to the compliance with the Public Company Limited Act B.E. 2535 (1992) (as amended) and provided that there is no material adverse change to the business operation or financial conditions of the Company, in the 3 fiscal years, namely the fiscal year ended March 31, 2014 - March 31, 2016, the Company has a policy to pay out the dividend to the shareholders from its net income and/or retained earnings at the amount of:

The Company's ability to pay the dividend in the aggregate amount of no less than Baht 21,000 million in abovementioned 3 fiscal years will be supported by the profits from operation as well as the extraordinary profits from the infrastructure fund transaction.

XD Date Payment Date Dividend Amount
per Share (THB)
Operation Period
10-Mar-11 24-Mar-11 0.0129 FY 2010/11 (interim)
29-Jun-11 5-Aug-11 0.0226 FY 2010/11 (final)
26-Jan-12 10-Feb-12 0.0239 FY 2011/12 (interim)
26-Jun-12 9-Aug-12 0.0241 FY 2011/12 (final)
24-Jan-13 8-Feb-13 0.0163 FY 2012/13 (interim I)
2-May-13 17-May-13 0.1800 FY 2012/13 (interim II)
14-Jun-13 9-Aug-13 0.0450 FY 2012/13 (final)
22-Aug-13 6-Sep-13 0.1900 FY 2013/14 (interim)
23-Jan-14 6-Feb-14 0.2000 FY 2013/14 (interim II)
6-Jun-14 6-Aug-14 0.2100 FY 2013/14 (final)
22-Jan-15 5-Feb-15 0.3000 FY 2014/15 (interim)
31-Jul-15 17-Aug-15 0.3000 FY 2014/15 (final)
21-Jan-16 5-Feb-16 0.3400 FY 2015/16 (interim)
28-Jul-16 16-Aug-16 0.3400 FY 2015/16 (final)
19-Jan-17 7-Feb-17 0.165 FY 2016/17 (interim)

Shareholders who receive dividends cannot claim tax refund from this dividend. This is due to dividend payment is exempted from the corporate income tax and, therefore, the individual shareholders are not entitled to any dividend tax credits under Section 47 bis of the Revenue Code.